Welcome to Business Intelligence and Assurance Solutions

BIAAS is dedicated to helping telecom operators increase revenues, reduce costs, and assure billing completeness and accuracy through business intelligence (BI) and revenue assurance (RA) services. 

We offer a unique blend of consultancy, specialist applications and databases and work with some of the world’s leading telcos, including BT, MTN, Vodafone, Colt, Kabel Deutschland, O2, Monaco Telecom and Virgin Media.

Our flexible, tailored approach combines in depth knowledge of telecoms processes, risks, leakage points and data with the use of leading data warehousing, RA and BI techniques. BIAAS solutions bridge the gap between BI and RA to include revenue and cost assurance, credit management, churn insight, fraud detection, margin optimisation and telephony numbering management.

Delivered in an affordable capex package, our customers have come to expect a significant and rapid return on investment. They literally invest thousands to save millions.

Although specialists in the telecom sector our products and services also deliver value for application vendors and content owners.