Preventing Telco Fraud when EU Roaming Charges have been Abolished

Roaming charges within the European Union have officially been abolished from today, (15th June 2017) meaning that European mobile phone users can make phone calls, send text messages and use data in other EU countries without charge.

Whilst this is excellent news for consumers, there may be an important Assurance and Fraud challenge for Telcos. It is vital for some bundles that only calls and texts to standard landlines and mobiles in the country within which a customer is roaming are free. Biaas, with its unrivalled knowledge of Global Destinations, offer a suite of solutions to assist Telecommunications Providers in preventing and detecting frauds and unintentional leakage arising from any issues during implementation of this directive. This suite includes

  1. International Unallocated Destinations – those International destinations which are neither fixed line nor mobile terminating, and have not been allocated to an operator by International Telecommunications Regulators.
  2. Higher Priced International Destinations in Country
  3. Premium Rate International Destinations in Country
  4. IRSF /IRPN Test Numbers
  5. Significant Destination Number Digits by Call Type and by Country