Preventing Telco Fraud when EU Roaming Charges have been Abolished

Roaming charges within the European Union have officially been abolished from today, (15th June 2017) meaning that European mobile phone users can make phone calls, send text messages and use data in other EU countries without charge.

Whilst this is excellent news for consumers, there may be an important Assurance and Fraud challenge for Telcos. It is vital for some bundles that only calls and texts to standard landlines and mobiles in the country within which a customer is roaming are free. Biaas, with its unrivalled knowledge of Global Destinations, offer a suite of solutions to assist Telecommunications Providers in preventing and detecting frauds and unintentional leakage arising from any issues during implementation of this directive. This suite includes

  1. International Unallocated Destinations – those International destinations which are neither fixed line nor mobile terminating, and have not been allocated to an operator by International Telecommunications Regulators.
  2. Higher Priced International Destinations in Country
  3. Premium Rate International Destinations in Country
  4. IRSF /IRPN Test Numbers
  5. Significant Destination Number Digits by Call Type and by Country


Biaas launches new website and new corporate identity

The leading expert in number plan management for telecommunications pricing and assurance, Biaas, has today launched its new website and corporate identity. The updated website highlights how the Biaas GNRM™ numbering database has identified tens of millions of euros worth of margin savings to telecom operators globally, while the new Biaas logo provides a modern […]

BIAAS Celebrates 10 Years

This year, BIAAS celebrates 10 years in business !

BIAAS was founded in 2006, and started small, but delivered large margin enhancing services to Monaco Telecom and Virgin Media.

Since then, our services and client base continue to grown steadily to include and accommodate the likes of BT Group, Virgin Mobile, EE, TalkTalk, Ziggo, Colt Technologies, and Telenet.

We look forward to another ten exciting years supporting new and existing clients on their journey.

Five Reasons Telcos Outsource Numbering Data

I was recently interviewed about global numbering data – by that I mean databases of all international fixed and mobile number ranges for revenue assurance and margin optimisation.

The person I was talking to was surprised to learn that I’ve never met a revenue assurance (RA) function that tries to produce this database for itself. Here are the five main reasons why:

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STD Codes: Difficult to Manage and a Perpetual Revenue Gap

Everyone in telecommunications knows that destination (STD) codes are notoriously difficult to manage and can result in serious losses if they’re not dealt with correctly.

For example, calls to expensive international mobile destinations now represent approximately 60 per cent of all internationally destined traffic and the explosive growth in mobile numbers in particular makes it increasingly difficult for operators to identify and manage these codes.

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Virgin Media boosts reporting to optimise pricing

Virgin Media is using new global number range management (GNRM) database and revenue assurance tools and support to improve revenue management.

By analysing its fixed line and mobile destination numbers data to improve reporting and optimise pricing packages as a result of merging with NTL Telewest, to accurately identify and validate new international mobile number ranges.

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BIAAS Signs Revenue Assurance and Global Number Range Management Agreement with Virgin Media

Largest Virgin company halts ‘leakage’ with global number range management (GNRM) database and revenue assurance tools from specialist consultants and application providers, BIAAS

London, UK – 21 November 2007 – Business Intelligence & Assurance Solutions (BIAAS) today announced that Virgin Media has selected its GNRM database and specialists consultancy, to support its revenue assurance operations. The world’s largest Virgin company has also contracted BIAAS for ongoing bureau services and application support.

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